Compassion Leads To Action

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Empathy is a beautiful path to compassion. It’s understanding how the other person feels, and how you might feel if it was you. Compassion takes it a step further. It is like, accepting, understanding the feelings of the person, and doing something to help them. Putting someone in your prayers, or even giving a homeless man a poncho, are beautiful acts of compassion. One might even call it ‘random acts of kindnesses.’

Also, did you know that you are hard-wired for this moment? A baby who hears another one cry will respond by crying as well. If they see someone in distress, they will automatically hug and kiss them and shower them with affection. We understand it from birth, ‘We are all in this together

Being compassionate makes you happy, doesn’t it? Helping an old lady cross the road and getting her sweet blessings in return, or helping a baby reach something from the shelf, and getting its cute smile in return, makes your heart bounce, doesn’t it?

Leaders are more effective when they lead compassionately, as they are seen to be stronger and more effective. Compassion helps them to respond to them with kindness and patience, which is an important factor of leadership.

Compassion is realizing that we all need the same things from life; love, health, happiness, peace, and safety. It speaks a thousand words without saying anything. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

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