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How Students Drive Change

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

If the last step of education is to create an altruistic and skilled citizen then why wait until a student becomes an adult? You are never too young or immature to start making a change in society. Students who have the propulsion, support and freedom have a direct route to become better thinkers and doers. A student’s life is not restricted to academics, fun and peers but also understanding about social inequities and learning to amend the deformities in the society.

A talented young individual is a genius in themselves, for example maybe the child is a captivating speaker or a writer. Probably they can encourage learning. The most important goal should be to determine how they can channel this talent so that it drives to make a change and serves the world.Students must create projects with positive outcomes. This way they learn a sense of altruism.

We often see students declaring they want to change the world,they are hardwired to help people but they must understand that meaningful changes aren’t always instant. They may take months or years. The determination leads to a change. Every time you change one person’s life it results in a butterfly effect. This effect holds the potential to improve lives for coming generations. Students should try giving back to the community. A good researched charity and volunteering helps make a change. Standing up for causes like attending protests to save girl child might encourage people to listen to you. Random acts of kindness with the ones who are like minded can make an impact. If you want change you can start from small and don’t always think globally. Every act of your service adds up to a lasting change.

Malala Yusufzai, the youngest peace prize winner, raised her voice against the suppression of children and the right to education for all when she was just 11 years old. She is definitely an example to the youth that no matter how little you are, the efforts you make have a genuine influence on society.Our world needs a change, you,me and us are the future of the world. If each one takes at least one responsibility we can make the world a better place. Considering every minute as an opportunity and taking initiative at such a young age will inspire others to drive for change.

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